WooMarketing Bundle

Our WooMarketing Bundle consists of six products that give you the power to promote your business, and engage and reward customers to encourage first-time and repeat sales.

To get started with Marketing your products and services, refer to our documentation and videos for each plugin.

Drive Traffic to Your Store ↑ Back to top

Facebook for WooCommerce

Offer Discounts, Reward Loyalty ↑ Back to top

Dynamic Pricing
Points and Rewards

Optimize Checkout ↑ Back to top

Social Login

Customize Emails ↑ Back to top

Email Customizer

Personalize Marketing, Sell More ↑ Back to top

MailChimp for WooCommerce

FAQ ↑ Back to top

How many sites can I use this bundle for? ↑ Back to top

A single site.

Is it possible to buy a 5-site or 25-site license? ↑ Back to top

No. The WooMarketing Bundle already offers a number of products at a discount, and our 5-site and 25-site licenses are heavily discounted, so these special prices cannot be combined.

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