WooCommerce Waitlist

An example of the waitlist functionality on a single product page

WooCommerce Waitlist allows customers to sign up to be notified by email when an out-of-stock product becomes available.

As a store owner you can also review who is on the waiting list for which products, and sort products by the number of people registered on the waiting list.

Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Activate the extension.

More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

Settings Screen ↑ Back to top

Unregistered users can join a waitlist without logging in. Users only need to provide an email address to join a waitlist, and an account is automatically created without further user input. The welcome email is automatically created and sent.

The option to allow unregistered users to use waitlists can be toggled on or off, using an option within the waitlist settings. This option requires all users to login before waitlist functionality will be available (it does not stop accounts being created for guest users).

Updating Waitlist Counts

A button has been added to the waitlist settings screen to enable store owners to take control of updating the waitlist counts for their products. This is recommended when updating the plugin to one of the latest versions or if you notice the counts fall out of sync for any reason.

The waitlist settings page

Products Listing Screen ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Waitlist adds a new column to the Products listing in the WordPress administration area, displaying the number of users on the waiting list for a product. This column is sortable to enable Shop Managers to quickly find the most ‘sought after’ products in the catalog.

WooCommerce Waitlist product-listing-screenshot

Edit Product Screen ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Waitlist adds a new product tab to the Edit Product screen for out-of-stock products only. This new tab displays all users on the waiting list for the product and has controls for adding, removing and emailing users.

An example of the waitlist tab on a single product admin page
An example of the waitlist tab on a single product admin page
An example of the waitlist tab on a variable product admin page
An example of the waitlist tab on a variable product admin page

When editing a waitlist through the Edit Product screen, the product must be saved for changes to take effect.  All email links located on this page are mailto links which activate the default mail client on your computer for sending an e-mail.

Automated Emails ↑ Back to top

When a product is switched from ‘Out-of’stock’ status to ‘In-stock’, WooCommerce Waitlist sends all users on the waiting list an email informing them that the product is back in stock, with a link to the product listing itself for making purchases. The emails follow the same design as all other WooCommerce emails, but the subject and the heading can be altered from within WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Waitlist Mailout.


Once this email is sent, WooCommerce Waitlist removes all users from the waiting list for this product. If the product is subsequently switched back to ‘Out-of-stock’, the waiting list will be empty.

Waitlist Archiving ↑ Back to top

When a product comes back into stock and automated emails are turned on, a record of the waitlist is saved.

This record lists all users that were sent the notification and date that it was sent.  In the event that these users need to be contacted subsequent to the waitlist email, controls to email individual users or all users at once have been added.

The waitlist history for a product can be accessed from the waitlist tab on the product screen.

Customization ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Waitlist comes with action and filter hooks for your customization needs. For more information on using hooks in WordPress, see Plugin API.

Note: This is a Developer level section. If you are unfamiliar with hooks and filters and resolving potential conflicts, select a WooExpert or Developer for assistance. We are unable to provide support for customizations under our  Support Policy.

Action Hooks ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_before_add_user_to_waitlist – passes the WC_Product and WP_User objects as parameters
  • wcwl_after_add_user_to_waitlist – passes the WC_Product and WP_User objects as parameters
  • wcwl_before_remove_user_from_waitlist – passes the WC_Product and WP_User objects as parameters
  • wcwl_after_remove_user_from_waitlist – passes the WC_Product and WP_User objects as parameters
  • wcwl_mailout_send_email – passes the User ID and WC_Product ID as parameters

Filter Hooks ↑ Back to top

Options ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_persistent_waitlists_are_disabled
  • wcwl_display_empty_waitlists_on_in_stock_products
  • wcwl_automatic_mailouts_are_disabled

Admin ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_empty_waitlist_introduction
  • wcwl_waitlist_introduction
  • wcwl_waitlist_variation_instock_introduction

Shortcode ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_shortcode_thumbnail
  • wcwl_shortcode_product_title

Frontend ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_update_waitlist_success_message_text
  • wcwl_toggle_waitlist_ambiguous_error_message_text
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_success_message_text
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_success_message_text
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_message_text
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_message_text
  • wcwl_grouped_product_message_classes
  • wcwl_grouped_product_message_text
  • wcwl_grouped_product_message_html
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_button_classes
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_button_classes
  • wcwl_update_waitlist_button_classes
  • wcwl_dummy_waitlist_button_classes
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_submit_button_html
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_submit_button_html
  • wcwl_dummy_waitlist_submit_button_html
  • wcwl_grouped_waitlist_submit_button_html
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_submit_button_text
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_submit_button_text
  • wcwl_dummy_waitlist_submit_button_text
  • wcwl_grouped_waitlist_submit_button_text
  • wcwl_toggle_waitlist_url
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_user_requires_registration_message_text
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_invalid_email_message_text
  • wcwl_toggle_waitlist_no_product_message_text
  • wcwl_grouped_product_joined_message_text
  • wcwl_grouped_single_product_joined_message_text
  • wcwl_leave_waitlist_message_text
  • wcwl_join_waitlist_success_message_text
  • wcwl_grouped_product_style_block_css
  • wcwl_grouped_product_style_block

Email ↑ Back to top

  • wcwl_email_salutation
  • wcwl_email_product_back_in_stock_text
  • wcwl_email_mailout_disclaimer_text
  • wcwl_email_visit_this_link_to_purchase_text
  • wcwl_email_mailout_signoff
  • wcwl_mailout_html

FAQ ↑ Back to top

Can a customer view all the products they are on a waiting list for? ↑ Back to top

There is an experimental shortcode [woocommerce_my_waitlist] which will display a table listing all the products that the currently logged in user is waiting for.

Are customers put on a waitlist in a particular order? ↑ Back to top

Yes. Customers are added to the waitlist in the order they join. A date has also been added to make it clear when each customer joined.

Does WooCommerce Waitlist work with WPML? ↑ Back to top

Not at this time. Waitlist and WPML are currently incompatible.

Does this work for affiliate products? ↑ Back to top

No. At the moment, stock status has no bearing on the output of an affiliate product listing so these have been left well alone.

Does this work for variable products? ↑ Back to top

There is a known issue when using WooCommerce Waitlist in conjunction with variable products that prevents the Waitlist UI from being displayed in the Edit Product screen when the ‘Out of Stock Visibility’ option is set to ON.

You would only need to do this if you were managing waitlists internally, but did not want customers to be able to join a waitlist via the front-end of your site.

The only current solution to this problem is to turn this option off:

woocommerce waitlist disable

How do I change the subject/content of emails? ↑ Back to top

The content of the email and the subject line are both editable via the WooCommerce email system. WooCommerce Waitlist adds a new section to the ‘Emails’ tab of WooCommerce Settings where this can be managed. More information at: Configuring WooCommerce Settings.

What if I don’t want users to be automatically emailed when a product is back in stock? ↑ Back to top

We have you covered. Add the following snippet to the functions.php file in your theme, and no email will be sent and users remain on the waitlist.

add_filter( 'wcwl_automatic_mailouts_are_disabled', '__return_true' );

What if I want to email users automatically, but don’t want them to be removed from the waitlist? ↑ Back to top

That’s possible also. Add the following snippet to the functions.php file in your theme, and users remain on the waitlist until they purchase that product.

add_filter( 'wcwl_persistent_waitlists_are_disabled', '__return_false' );

Why does Waitlist only show up for some products? ↑ Back to top

If you’re using the Advanced Notifications extension, be sure to disable the backorder setting.

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