To use the widget, from your WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets and locate the WooCommerce Instant Product Search in the Available Widgets section:


Click the widget, then click one of the sidebar options that appear below and then click Add Widget. You can also drag and drop the widget on your available sidebars.

Visit a page on your site where the sidebar appears and type in a keyword related to one or more of your products.


To fine-tune the widget, click the widget after placing it in one of your sidebars and refer to the documentation related to the widget below.

Note that you can place more than one widget in one or more sidebars and that each widget can use its individual settings.


The search widget can be used in sidebars to provide a convenient way of searching for products.

The options reflect those already described for the shortcodes. Hover over an option to get additional information.

An additional option is available if the WPML plugin is present:


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