Searching doesn’t find any products or only some. ↑ Back to top

If the index is not fully completed, the search engine will only provide results from those products that have already been processed.

Check under WooCommerce > Settings > Search > Index whether the index has reached 100%. Also check the next question for possible reasons.

The indexer never completes processing all products, why could that be? ↑ Back to top

Scheduled tasks (cron) are not working correctly. ↑ Back to top

If you get indications under WooCommerce > Settings > Search > Index that scheduled tasks (cron) seem to be failing, there can be several reasons for this to happen. You have the option to run the indexer manually in that case by clicking the Run button, or try to apply one of the solutions suggested below. Normally, the indexer only needs to process existing products initially so that they are included in searches  – after you have installed and activated the extension, any new products or modified products will be indexed instantly.

Please note that the indicator WordPress cron found under WooCommerce > Status > WordPress environment does not guarantee that scheduled tasks are working correctly, as it merely reflects whether the constant DISABLE_WP_CRON is used or not.

Your site has little or no traffic. ↑ Back to top

On low traffic sites, staging sites or sites that are running on localhost (your own computer), scheduled tasks (cron) are only triggered sporadically and in some cases not at all. Consider enabling scheduled tasks at the system level – see Hooking WP-Cron Into the System Task Scheduler on how to achieve this. Or simply trigger the indexer manually by clicking the Run button.

Password-protected sites. ↑ Back to top

Access to your site is protected by password on the server level and scheduled tasks (cron) fail to execute due to lack of permission when the server receives the wp-cron request. Remove the password protection during tests or trigger cron events manually using the Run button.

The PHP memory limit is exhausted. ↑ Back to top

Increase the PHP memory limit as indicated in the article Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit.

There are issues during processing. ↑ Back to top

Errors in third-party plugins, themes or customizations cause issues during processing and thus the indexer cannot successfully process the entries. Disable plugins that are up-to-date but create issues. Update plugins that have not been updated in a while. Fix errors in customizations. Switch to a theme that is error-free. Plugins, themes and customizations should not produce any entries in the debug log. If they do, consider alternatives or fixing them.

Please check the next question on how to enable debugging and review the debug log entries produced for errors.

How can I enable extension-specific debugging? ↑ Back to top

In your site’s wp-config.php (this file is located in the root folder of your site) enable WordPress debugging and specific debugging for the extension by adding these lines:

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );
define( 'WPS_DEBUG', true );

This will log any PHP notices, warnings and errors to the log file along with information about activies and events related to the search engine. The log file typically resides in wp-content/debug.log.

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