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In a default WooCommerce store, the shipping methods are grouped by locations (Shipping Zones). The available shipping methods depend on the customer’s shipping address. But, what happens if you need shipping methods that only work on weekends? Or set an extra fee for the orders delivered on Saturday mornings?

Well, the “Order Delivery” extension allows defining the available shipping methods for each delivery day and its Delivery Time Frames/Time Slots.

Let’s see how it works:

Shipping methods selector ↑ Back to top

Selecting the available shipping methods for a delivery day or time frame is very easy. In order to select the shipping methods, we have added a previous select field with three options:

  • All shipping methods
  • All shipping methods, except…
  • Only specific shipping methods

By default, all the shipping methods are available, and depending on the selected option, a new field for selecting the shipping methods will be displayed or not. In this field, we have grouped the shipping methods by zones. So, you can select all the shipping methods of a zone or just a reduced set of them.

Note: If you select an option like “Zone: All Shipping methods”, there is no need to select the shipping methods of this zone individually.

Select the available shipping methods

Sometimes you may want to make available all the shipping methods except one or two. So, you can use the option “All shipping methods, except…“, which will be the faster option for these cases:

Enable all shipping methods, except the specified set
Enable all shipping methods, except the specified set.

By delivery day ↑ Back to top

If you want to define the available shipping methods for a whole day, just go to the “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Shipping Options” page and scroll down to the “Delivery days” settings. Edit the delivery day you want by clicking its name or in the “Manage” button and select the shipping methods that will be available for this delivery day.

Shipping Method that is only available on Saturdays
Shipping Method that is only available on Saturdays

If you have defined time frames for this delivery day, the fields for handling the “Shipping methods” won’t be displayed in this form. The configuration of the shipping methods will be handled by each delivery time frame. Continue reading the next section.

By delivery time frame ↑ Back to top

Defining the available shipping methods by time frames, you would be able to do things like: “I want a shipping method that only works on Saturday mornings”.

Shipping method on Saturday mornings

Just edit the time frame what you want and define its shipping methods. The behaviour is the same as in the delivery day settings.

Shipping costs ↑ Back to top

The cost and location are handled by the shipping methods. If you want to add an additional fee in the shipping for a specific day or interval of hours, just define a new shipping method with that cost and make it available only for these conditions. Try to be as descriptive as possible with the title displayed in the checkout form.

Free shipping coupon ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce allows you creating a free shipping method which is only available using a coupon. Once you have defined it, this shipping method will also be displayed in the dropdown of the “Shipping methods” field. You can decide on which weekdays or delivery time frames this shipping method can be used. E.g: You can exclude free shipping on Saturdays.

Table Rate Shipping ↑ Back to top

“Order delivery” is compatible with the extension “WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping“. That means you can select a “Table Rate” shipping method with all its rates like any other shipping method, or only specific rates in the shipping methods selector.

Select a single rate from the Table Rate shipping method
Select a single rate from the “Table Rate” shipping method

Table Rate Shipping” is a powerful extension which allows you to define shipping methods with different rates based on location, price, weight, or item count. But in combination with “Order Delivery” is even better because you can make the rates also depend on the delivery day or the time frame selected by the customers.

E.g: You can make the delivery on Saturday morning only available if the customer makes an order worth in $50 or higher.

Checkout ↑ Back to top

After defining the available shipping methods for each delivery day and time frames, the delivery fields of the checkout form will be updated according to the shipping method selected by the customer. It doesn’t work in a reverse way at this moment. That means that a change in the delivery fields won’t restrict the available shipping methods in the checkout form.

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