Mix and Match Products

Mix and Match Products allows customers to create their own custom product assortments from a group of available products.

In contrast to other complex product types, Mix and Match products are grouped containers of a specific size, which customers configure by selecting a quantity for each product available in the assortment. This makes Mix and Match ideal for creating products like gift baskets and wine boxes.

Typical uses of the extension are:

  • marketing tool: If you want to sell a group of similar products, add them in a Mix and Match assortment and increase customer interest by offering them at a discount.
  • A tool to create configurable products: If you want to sell a product that consists of multiple parts, such as a box of a dozen donuts or a six-pack of beer, you can add these parts to a Mix and Match container.

The extension provides integration with many official WooCommerce extensions, such as Product Add-ons. More information at: Extensions Compatibility.

Note: This extension requires WooCommerce 2.3+.

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If you run into issues while using WooCommerce Mix and Match:

  1. Ensure that the latest versions of all extensions and themes are installed. Go to WooCommerce > System Status – find the versions of plugins and other important information that may require your attention. If an update is available, it displays in red.
  2. Rule out a plugin or theme conflict. Turn off all plugins (except for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Mix and Match) and change to the Storefront theme, or a default WordPress theme such as Twenty Fourteen. Is the issue still present?
    If not, re-activate plugins one by one until you find which is causing the issue.
    If the issue returns when you re-activate the theme, contact your theme author(s).
  3. Consult the WooCommerce Self Service Guide, located here.
  4. Check Frequently Asked Questions for Mix and Match Products, located here.

If you are still experiencing issues, submit a request to our Help Desk and include a clear description of the issue along with your System Report at WooCommerce > System Status > Get System Report.

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