WooCommerce Guided Tour Videos

We start with installing WooCommerce on your WordPress powered store and run all the way through settings, creating products, taxes, and finally viewing reports & the system status. Click on any of the titles to watch what you want from our WooCommerce Guided Tour. Enjoy!


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Installing WooCommerce
General Settings
Products Settings
Tax Settings
Tax Rate Example
Shipping Settings
Checkout Settings
Accounts Settings
Emails Settings
API Settings

Shipping ↑ Back to top

Shipping Zones
Shipping Options
Shipping Classes

Payment Gateways ↑ Back to top

Bank Transfer (BACS)
Check Payments
Cash on Delivery
PayPal Standard
PayPal Powered by Braintree

Creating Products ↑ Back to top

Product Categories, Tags, & Attributes
Simple Product Overview
Grouped Product Overview
External/Affiliate Product Overview
Variable Product Overview
Downloadable Product Overview

Store Management ↑ Back to top

Managing Orders
System Status

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