WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro vs Free

This comparison document takes a look how WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro ($29) compares to WooCommerce Google Analytics (free).

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General Info
Free Pro
Basic Site Tracking
Universal Analytics
Enhanced eCommerce tracking
Supports Checkout Behavior Analysis

The Pro version of the plugin can be used alongside Monster Insights if desired, but it’s not necessary to use any other Google Analytics tracking plugin — general site events and eCommerce events are all tracked.

Free Pro
Can exclude Admins from tracking
Can exclude shop managers from tracking
Use Enhanced Link Attribution
Can anonymize IPs?
Can track user IDs?
Display Advertising support
Tracking Dimensions
Free Pro
Product viewed / clicked
Product add to cart
Product remove from cart
Cart quantity changed
Cart page viewed
Coupon added
Coupon removed
Checkout loaded
Provided Billing Email
Selected Payment Method
Checkout completed, goes to thank you page
Checkout completed, doesn’t go to thank you page
Manually (admin) created order completed
Customer sign in / out
Customer viewed account
Customer viewed order
Customer registered
Customer changed password
Product review or comment left
Order fully refunded*
Order cancellation
Customer email opened

*Google Analytics does not allow for partial refund tracking, so only fully refunded orders are included in refund tracking.

Roadmap ↑ Back to top

These items are currently under review for Google Analytics Pro:

  • Automated enhanced eCommerce setup – Google is still beta testing the ability to let apps configure your enhanced eCommerce settings within Google Analytics. When Google takes it out of beta phase to allow all GA users to do this, we will add it to Google Analytics Pro to make your enhanced eCommerce setup even easier.
  • Built-in reporting – This would pull some of the enhanced eCommerce reports into your WooCommerce > Reports dashboard.
  • Exports – This would add support for exporting Product Meta-Data & Refunds as a CSV file

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We’d be happy to help out with any pre-sales questions between these plugins. You can submit them here or via your WooCommerce account 🙂

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