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Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is an extension of WooCommerce built on the concept of fortune wheel which is dedicated for WooCommerce shop.

Store owners will be able to use this product to retain their customers and increase their sales by giving away discounts in an engaging way.
It’s like a fortune wheel which is going to slide in on defined triggers. All customer must be logged in to play the wheel and win a discount.

Installation Instructions ↑ Back to top

Once you downloaded and unzipped your purchase from WooCommerce then you need to install it on your WordPress system.
→ Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
→ Click on the Plugins menu item on the left side menu.
→ Click Add New.

→ At the top of the page, you will see an Upload Plugin button, click that.
→ Next click Choose file button in the box that appears below.

→ Select the WooWheel-plugin.zip file you downloaded from WooCommerce.
→ When the zip file has finished uploading click the Activate Plugin button.
→ That’s all. You will now see two new menus in your admin panel.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

General tab: ↑ Back to top

This setting allows admin to set behavior and functionalities of the Spin Wheel for WooCommerce according to their requirements or preferences, also admin has a variety of options to gamify the spin wheel as defined and explained below.

Enable sound: Admin can select this option in order to hear the sound of the spinning wheel by just checking the checkbox.

Coupon duration: You can set the duration for the validity of the generated coupon, the validity can be set between hours or days, you can specify the number of hours or days in the text field and choose the validity from hours or days in the drop-down menu.

Title text: This field lets you give the title text on the Spin Wheel.

Explainer text: Set the introductory text visible to the visitor as spin wheel opens in the browser or mobile view.

Disclaimer text: Insert the disclaimer text and rules to spin the wheel.

Spin button text: Write text which will appear on the spin button.

Close Pop-pup text: You can edit the pop-up text for closing the spin wheel.

Winning title: You can edit this text field to display the winning title if the user achieves to win any coupon or link.

Winning text for coupons: Define text which will be visible to the winner of coupon.

Winning text for links: Set the text visible in a link of the winner.

Losing title: Give a title on the losing.

Losing text: This text will appear on the losing instance of the spin wheel.

Done text Button: This text will show on the done button after the spin wheel finished spinning.

Clickable Image Icon: You can add a clickable image button on your right bottom of site so the visitors can play the wheel by clicking it.

Wheel Center Image: Place a logo on the center of the wheel to look the wheel more attractive.

Logo above the Title: Set logo image above the title to represent your company or you can use any other image.

Design tab: ↑ Back to top

Admin can fully customize the layout of the Popup Wheel with different options by adjusting the color of text, heading as follows:

Background color: Choose the background color of the spin wheel as per your choice.

Heading Color: Choose a color for heading.

Text Color: Set the color of text on the spin wheel pop-up.

Button Background: Set the background color of the spin button.

Button Text Color: Set text color visible on the spin button.

Winning Text Color: Set color of the winning text after winning instance has been achieved.

Winning Background Color: Set the winning text background color.

Slices tab: ↑ Back to top

Add slices to the spin wheel by clicking Slices Tab. There is a setting for each slice to define and edit its type value, text, chance, slice color and select the coupon code.

There are four types of Spin Wheel slices:
1. Fix Coupon: the admin can set predefined value for a coupon in this slice.

  1. Auto-Generated Coupon: Spin wheel will auto-generate coupon based on a set of values defined in this slice.

  2. No Prize: Set values for the no prize instance of the spin wheel, no prize slice is used.

  3. Link: Set values for the links to be generated, link slice has to be edited.

Display tab: ↑ Back to top

Display tab allows admin to set functionalities on different events that user would like to display the spin wheel Popup

  1. After Registration: this functionality allows the admin to display a pop-up spin wheel after the registration on their website has been achieved.click the checkbox to activate.

  2. After the add-to-cart event: through this functionality admin can display the pop-up spin wheel after an add to cart instance has been achieved on their website. Click the checkbox to activate.

  3. On Thank You Page: through this functionality, the admin can display the pop-up spin wheel after an order has been placed on their website. Click the checkbox to activate

Mobile devices settings

Through these settings, admin can customize spin wheel popup on mobile devices, like you can choose to hide spin wheel on a mobile screen.

Hide on mobile: You can choose to hide their spin wheel on mobile devices if they wish to choose so. Click the checkbox to activate.

Appearance delay: Set delay value, for the spin wheel, will display on the screen by setting values in Appearance Delay text box ( enter values in seconds).

Occurrence delay: Define the number of days after which the wheel is supposed to be displayed the next time for the user.

Statistics ↑ Back to top

Statistics tab displays a log history of the wheel to see how many customers take advantage of the spin wheel on the website. To view how many times users have used the spin wheel can be done by clicking today, this week, this month and this year button with the winners and losers count also being fetched and mentioned in the log.

Preview ↑ Back to top

In Preview tab Admin can directly see a preview of the spin wheel by clicking on “See Preview” button.

Usage ↑ Back to top

You can display Wheel on following events;

  1. On customer registration: to make them excited for making purchase on the site with the discount they won with Wheel.

  2. Once customer clicks on add to cart: To make sure they complete their order using the discount coupon won by spinning the wheel

  3. On thank you Page: to retain your customers by giving discount coupons with spin wheel to be used next time on checkout.

For details on how to setup these triggers, refer to display tab section of this documentation.

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