How to Gift a product via coupon

Smart Coupons provide a powerful, “all-in-one” solution for gift certificates, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons.

This doc article explains how you can configure a coupon to gift a product.

This is one of the powerful features of Smart Coupons for promotions. This feature allows you to link a product or more to a coupon. When this coupon will be applied to the cart, the linked product/s will be added to the cart automatically. Additionally, you can apply some discount on the linked product/s, if you wish.

How to configure ↑ Back to top

How to gift a product via coupon - The configuration

  1. Create a new coupon or open an existing coupon
  2. If you’re creating a new coupon, set discount type, amount & other settings as per your requirement
  3. Go to tab “Actions
  4. Under “Add products to cart“, search for & select product/s  which you want to give as a gift
  5. Under “with discount of” you can set a discount. This discount will be applied to the product/s of step 4 in the cart. You can set 2 types of discount for the gift product:
    1. Percentage (%) – default
    2. Fixed amount
  6. Publish or save the coupon.

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How to gift a product via coupon - How it works

Must know ↑ Back to top

  • To apply this coupon, the cart should have at least one product & the coupon should be valid for that cart, only then the gift product will be added to cart.
  • If you want to apply the discount only to the gifted products & not to the other items in the cart, you can set the coupon’s amount as 0 (zero).
  • The discount set under “Actions > with discount of” will be applied only to the product/s under “Add products to cart”

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