How to create coupons using Smart Coupons

Smart Coupons provide a powerful, “all-in-one” solution for gift certificates, store credits, discount coupons, and vouchers extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons.

This doc article explains, in how many ways you can create coupons using Smart Coupons.

Adding coupons ↑ Back to top

Store Credit/Gift Certificate coupons ↑ Back to top

  1. Go toWooCommerce > Coupons.
  2. Add a new coupon. If you want to create a credit-based coupon, Store Credit or Gift Certificate, use Store Credit/Gift Certificate as the type.
    Smart Coupons: Credit of any amount
  3. Add other coupon details.
  4. Save.

If you need help with adding coupons in WooCommerce and setting up restrictions by usage, email address or other limits, see Coupon Management.

Auto-generating unique codes ↑ Back to top

Any coupon can be used as a template to auto-generate new and unique coupons but with same attributes as the original. This feature also increases security, as people then can’t share coupons since auto-generated coupons are restricted to a customer’s email address.

Note: This field is only available for discount types other than Store Credit/Gift Certificate because the auto-generation feature is the default behavior for Store Credit/Gift Certificate.

To set up auto-generation:

  1. Add a new coupon (or edit the existing coupon).
  2. Go to: Auto Generation of Coupon and enable.Smart Coupons: Setup Auto-generation
  3. Set up a prefix and/or suffix if you wish.
  4. Save.

To associate this coupon with a product, see: Linking a Coupon with a Product.

Automatically setting an expiry date ↑ Back to top

You can define the expiry date of a coupon in days, weeks, months and years. The feature automatically sets the expiry date of a generated coupon according to the date of the issue.

Smart Coupons: Setup Valid for

To use this feature on any coupon, enable Auto Generation. This can be used for both individual and bulk generated coupons.

Adding prefix/suffix to the coupon code ↑ Back to top

Prefix/suffix will only be added when the Auto Generation of Coupon is enabled for a coupon.

To use this feature:

  1. Add a new coupon or edit an existing coupon.
  2. Enable Auto Generation of Coupons.
  3. Enter text to be used as Prefix/Suffix in respective fields.Smart Coupons: Setup Auto-generation
  4. Save.

To associate this coupon with a product, see: Linking a Coupon with a Product.

Duplicating coupons ↑ Back to top

To duplicate a coupon, go to WooCommerce > Coupons.

Find the coupon you wish to duplicate. Filter coupon list.

Smart Coupons provides an additional feature to filter coupons created for specific users by entering the user’s e-mail ID & “Email: ” as a prefix to the user’s e-mail.

Hover over the coupon and select Duplicate.

Smart Coupons: Search Coupon by Email

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