Products By Attributes and Variations for WooCommerce

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

After activating Products by Attributes & Variation plugin, you can see the “Products by Attributes” section under the WooCommerce admin menu.

How to Show Variations as Simple Products ↑ Back to top

To show variations as simple product, go to variations on shop page > Show Single Variations Settings. Here you can configure the following settings,

  • Enable to show variations as products on listing pages
  • Exclude parent product from listing pages
  • Specify products & categories for showing their variations as simple products

Exclude specific variation from showing as simple product ↑ Back to top

Go to product edit page and navigate to variations tab, under each variation you can see following settings,

  • Checkbox to hide this product from showing as simple product
  • Give custom product title

NOTE: Please note that you will have to manually disable each variation and attribute. There is no bulk operation option to exclude an entire variation or attribute from showing as simple products.


Customize sorting order: ↑ Back to top

You can customize the default menu sorting order for each variation from Product edit page > Variation tab. Please see the above screenshot.

How to Display Attributes Selection on Listing Pages ↑ Back to top

To show attributes selection on listing pages, go to variations on shop page > Display Variation Dropdown Settings. Here you can configure the following settings,

  • Enable / Disable this feature
  • Specify products & categories for which you want to show attributes selection on listing pages
  • Enable quantity box on listing pages
  • Enable Toggle mode and customize its title:

woocommerce Show variations on shop page plugin

Toggle Mode Example:

woocommerce display variations on shop page


Common issues & their solution: ↑ Back to top

After installation, the plugin has created hundreds of new products by their respective variations such as color, size etc.

The plugin provides bulk settings where you can exclude specific products from showing their variations as simple products on shop page. By default, the plugin will display all variations as simple products. You would need to manually go to each variation and under the product edit page and exclude it from showing as simple product. There is no way to exclude any varaition or attribute in bulk.

The new variation products are displayed above all products on front end. How to fix the sorting issue?

By default, all products have zero sorting order and so does the variation products. If that is true the variations will appear along with their respective parent products. BUT, If you have manually configured the sorting order for all of your products, you would need to manually change the sorting order of each variation as well. You can give the same menu order as of your parent product to show variation products and parent product together.

Product filters do not show all products, how to fix this?

The main product must be displayed for product filters to work properly. Go to plugin settings > products by attributes settings make  Exclude Main Variable Product as NO. If this doesn’t fix your issue, please contact the support team to resolve conflict with your current product filters.

Can we exclude specific attributes – show variations by color only and not by size?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in our extension due to technical limitations. You can however exclude specific variation but cannot exclude the entire attribute.

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