Product FAQs

Add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to products in your WooCommerce store.

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FAQs are managed through the product data section when editing products in your store, add as many questions and answers as required.

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FAQs appear on your product pages within an FAQs tab, each question is displayed as an accordion which can be clicked or tapped to reveal the corresponding answer.

Getting Started ↑ Back to top

1. Install the extension
2. Edit one of your products
3. Under the product data section click the FAQs tab
4. Add FAQs (you can add as many as you require)
5. Save the product
6. View the product in your store and you’ll see the FAQs under the FAQs tab

Customization ↑ Back to top

You can customize the display of FAQs through our helpful filters and by overriding our minimal CSS styles. We have added various classes to the FAQ elements so you can amend the styling for expanded answers.

Filters ↑ Back to top

Filter Description
wcpf_product_faqs_tab_title Changes the default tab title
wcpf_product_faqs_tab_priority Changes the default tab priority allowing you to move where the FAQs tab is positioned
wcpf_product_faqs_title Changes the default tab title which appears above FAQs

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