Print Shipping Labels with WooCommerce Shipping

Once you have WooCommerce Services installed on your site and connected to Jetpack, you can print shipping labels at a discount with USPS to anywhere in the world. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Once you have an order ready to be shipped, go to the Edit Order page. You can do by clicking the order’s name:
    Click on the order name
  2. On the Edit Order page, click on on the ‘Create new label’ button in the Shipping Label meta box:
    The 'Create new label' button
  3. Make sure the addresses are correct for the shipping label. We’ll automatically validate your to and from addresses. You can also edit them and re-validate them if you need to:
    Validate address button
  4. Choose the package that you’ll be using to ship your item from the drop-down menu :
    Package drop-down menu
    Packages drop-down menu open
  5. Fill the customs information, if needed. A customs form is required if the destination is in a different country, in some U.S. territories like Guam, or in a military base. If a customs form is required, you’ll be prompted to fill the relevant information for each of the items you’re shipping:Customs form step
  6. Choose the rate you’d like to purchase for the shipping label from the drop-down list. If a customer selected a USPS rate at checkout, we’ll choose it automatically for you, and highlight that:
    Note about which rate the customer selected
  7. Click on the ‘Buy & Print’ button to purchase the label:
    buy and print button
  8. Save the label to your computer by printing it as a PDF. Alternatively, you can print it right away if your printer is connected. Note that, for certain international shipments, a single shipping label will be split in three parts (proof of payment, customs declaration, and dispatch note). In those cases, you’ll need to put the three parts, in order, inside a USPS-provided window pocket. These window pockets are free and can be ordered from your local post office or from the USPS website here.
    print as a pdf
It is important to measure and weigh your packages carefully, and to choose the correct service especially when using US Postal Service provided packaging. The US Postal Service now automatically measures and weighs packages and we will bill your credit card for packages found to have insufficient postage. For more information, please see Understanding the US Postal Service’s Automated Package Verification (APV) System.

What are the HS Tariff Numbers? ↑ Back to top

HS (Harmonized System) is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify products. It’s used by Customs agencies all over the world. You can fill in the HS tariff number for every product on every international shipment you make.

Although the HS Tariff number is not usually required, we recommend using the tariff codes to avoid certain scenarios:

  • Delays: Not classifying your products will cause the importing country to spend time manually classifying them on their end.
  • Denials: Each importing government has its own unique restrictions in place to protect local markets. While there are some products that are perfectly fine to export in one market, they might very well be denied in another.

To fill in the HS Tariff numbers on your Customs declaration, you’ll need to look up the tariff numbers associated with whatever products you are shipping. You can search for them on Though some codes may be longer, you only need to include the first six digits.

Have questions? You can read the full documentation for the WooCommerce Services plugin, or get help by opening a ticket.

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