Price & Stock Import

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Price & Stock Import allows you to easily update the price and stock of products in your WooCommerce store.

You simply export all your product’s price and stock data in one click, open the exported CSV on your computer, make changes to price and stock information and import. There aren’t endless of columns of data to understand it shows basic product identifiers such as ID, title and SKU and then the price and stock columns only.

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This extension is only for updating price and stock of products which already exist. Always take a backup of your store before running an import.

This extension supports all product types which are included in the WooCommerce plugin.

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  1. Install the extension
  2. Go to Price & Stock Import from the WooCommerce Products menu
  3. Export your products
  4. Make changes to the price and stock data in your exported CSV
  5. Import the changed CSV, you can even run a test before the import to check the data is okay

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