Permalink settings for WooCommerce can be found at WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

From here you can configure the URL structure for your shop and product pages.

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There are 3 settings which control the bases of your categories, terms and attributes:

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The default category base is product-category. An example would be

The default tag base is product-tag. An example would be

Product attribute base slug will optionally use a custom base before /attribute-name/attribute/ (ex: /size/medium or /color/blue).

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These settings control the permalinks used for products:

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If you’re not using pretty permalinks, ‘default’ will be the only optional available to you and will use ID based URLs. e.g. If you are using pretty permalinks, the default will be

The other options allow you to prepend the product permalinks with something custom, such as the shop page name, or a completely custom permalink you define.

Please note: The product custom base should not conflict with the taxonomy permalink bases. If you set the product base to ‘shop’ for example, you should not set the product category base to ‘shop’ too as this will not be unique and will conflict. WordPress requires something unique so it can distinguish categories from products.

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