WooCommerce Payments Test Account Setup Guide

WooCommerce Payments is available to stores based in the US. Based outside the US? Request to be notified when it becomes available in your country.

To set up WooCommerce Payments, you need to verify your identity, even if you only need to process test transactions. This verification requires supplying personal or business data, like a bank account and Social Security Number.

If you are setting up WooCommerce Payments for someone else, like a client, on a store that will process real payments you should have the site owner complete the WooCommerce Payments setup. This ensures that the correct personal and business details are set on the account.

Once the store owner set up has been completed, you can then use Test Mode to simulate payments, refunds and disputes.

Dev Mode ↑ Back to top

If you are setting up WooCommerce Payments on a development or test site that will never need to process real payments, you can use Dev Mode.

With Dev Mode, it’s possible to create a test account that requires no personal information. This test account can then be used to process test transactions. It will only operate in Test Mode and can never be used to process live transactions. It is also not possible for a site connected to a test account to switch to use a real account.

Enable Dev Mode ↑ Back to top

To enable Dev Mode, add the following code snippet to your site’s wp-config.php file:

define( 'WCPAY_DEV_MODE', true );

Dev Mode must be enabled with this snippet before completing the account set up and verification process.

Confirm Dev Mode is Enabled ↑ Back to top

To check if Dev Mode is enabled when on the WooCommerce > Setup payments task:

  1. Click Set up
  2. Confirm TEST DATA is displayed on the onboarding screen
WooCommerce > Setup payments task screenshot
WooCommerce > Setup payments task

To check if Dev Mode is enabled outside on the WooCommerce setup process:

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Click Verify details
  3. Confirm TEST DATA is displayed on the onboarding screen
Onboarding a test account

Setup Test Details ↑ Back to top

After Dev Mode is enabled, you can complete setup with the following details:

  • Email: any valid e-mail address.
  • Mobile Number: 0000000000. Click test phone number to enter it automatically.
  • Phone verification code: 000000. Click Use test code to enter it automatically.
  • Name & date of birth: enter any name and a date of birth in the past.
  • Address: enter a valid US street address.
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number: 0000.
  • Industry / Business website: enter any industry & website URL.

Once setup is completed, the account can then be used to test payments, refunds and disputes in Test Mode.

Change Account ↑ Back to top

It is not possible for the WooCommerce Payments account connected to a store to be changed without assistance from the WooCommerce team.

If you have set up a store for someone else using your own personal or business information, or set up a store in Dev Mode that needs to use a live account, please contact support to request the existing account be disconnected.

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