WooCommerce Payments Powered by Stripe

WooCommerce Payments is proudly powered by Stripe. This document provides information about how Stripe powers WooCommerce Payments.

When you sign up for WooCommerce Payments, you verify your personal and business information with Stripe. This creates a Stripe Express account that is connected to the WooCommerce Payments service and used in the background for managing your business account information and activity via WooCommerce Payments.

Contacting Stripe Support ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Happiness Engineers are here to help you set up and manage your store’s transactions with WooCommerce Payments. The WooCommerce team will support you with all payment processing and other operational questions, like why one of your customer’s payments failed, or why a deposit has not been received.

For some requests, however, we may refer you to Stripe. Inquiries we’d refer to Stripe include:

  • Account verification questions or issues (e.g., why is my Social Security Number required or invalid?)
  • Account update requests, like changing the legal business name or entity type of your account.
  • Problems accessing the Express Dashboard on Stripe.com (e.g., why isn’t two-factor authentication working?)

In these cases, we will refer you to contact Stripe Support. Stripe offers support via email, chat and phone.

Stripe Dashboard ↑ Back to top

With WooCommerce Payments, you interact with your store’s transactions via a dashboard integrated into your WordPress administration area. Stripe Express accounts used with WooCommerce Payments do not have access to the Stripe Dashboard provided to Standard Stripe accounts.

Dashboard feature comparison ↑ Back to top

FeatureStripe Dashboard for Standard accountsWooCommerce Dashboard
Transaction list
Transaction details
Payout / Deposit list
Payout / Deposit detail
Dispute list
Dispute detail
Dispute response
Customer listCustomers paying with Stripe onlyCustomers paying with all payment methods 
Customer detail
Account detailsManaged at Stripe.com (see below)

Account Data on Stripe.com ↑ Back to top

Certain account information needs to be managed directly with Stripe. This can be done by accessing the dashboard via the account link available under Payments > Settings.

The following account information needs to be updated at Stripe.com:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Business details
  • Ownership information
  • Bank account

Existing Stripe Accounts ↑ Back to top

Although WooCommerce Payments is powered by Stripe, it is not possible to connect an existing Stripe account to the WooCommerce Payments service. Instead, you can use the Stripe extension to use an existing Stripe account on your WooCommerce store.

Other Stripe Features ↑ Back to top

Stripe offers a suite of products to help manage a growing business like Terminal (accept payments in person), Radar (fight fraud) and Capital (manage cash flow and fund expansion).

The WooCommerce Payments team is planning future integrations with  these and other products. If you want access to a specific product, let us know or vote for it on the Ideas board.

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