When will I receive deposits for my WooCommerce Payments account balance?

WooCommerce Payments is available to stores based in supported countries.

For most accounts, WooCommerce Payments automatically pays out your available account balance into your nominated account daily after a standard pending period.

Payments received each day become part of the pending balance. That pending balance will become available after a pending period. On the day it becomes available, it will be automatically paid out to your bank account. The pending period is based on the country of the account.

For example, a business based in New Zealand has a pending period of 4 business days. Payments made to this account on Wednesday will be paid out on the next Tuesday.

Most banks will reflect the deposit in your account as soon as they receive the transfer from WooCommerce Payments. Some may take a few extra days to make the balance available to you.

Standard Deposit Schedule ↑ Back to top

Country of accountPending periodExample
United States2 business daysPayments on a Monday are deposited on Wednesday.
Australia2 business daysPayments on a Friday are deposited on Tuesday.
New Zealand4 business daysPayments on a Monday are deposited on Friday.
All other countries7 calendar daysPayments on a Monday are deposited on the next Monday.

New Account Waiting Period ↑ Back to top

The first deposit for new accounts is initiated after a 7 business day waiting period. This waiting period mitigates some risk in providing credit services. The waiting period starts after the first successful charge is processed on your account.

After the 7 business day waiting period has been served by an account, the regular deposit schedule will begin to deliver daily deposits.

Other Deposit Schedules ↑ Back to top

On occasion, automatic deposits may also be temporarily suspended on an account. In these cases, the WooCommerce team will work to re-enable automatic deposits as soon as possible. Automatic deposits may resume on the regular, daily schedule, or a different schedule.

In cases where an account is considered to have an elevated risk level, the default deposit schedule or pending period may also be changed to reflect that risk. For example, an account may be set to deposit funds weekly instead of daily.

In any case where a different deposit schedule is applied, a member of the WooCommerce team will reach out to notify you of the change.

If you did not receive an email, or have other questions, please contact support.

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