Multi-currency with WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments is available to stores based in supported countries.

By default, WooCommerce only supports selling in a single store currency. However, WooCommerce Payments can accept payments in over 100 currencies.

This guide explains how to set up the Multi-currency for WooCommerce extension to accept payments via WooCommerce Payments in your customers’ preferred currencies. Doing so can increase sales by allowing your customers to avoid conversion costs charged by their credit card issuer and therefore, know in advance the cost of your goods or services.

To accept payments in your customers’ preferred currency:s

  1. Purchase the Multi-currency extension.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Configure Multi-currency, including choosing preferred currencies and any advanced options.
  4. Get paid in those currencies – there’s no special configuration required with WooCommerce Payments to get paid in multiple currencies. Once transactions can be processed in additional currencies via WooCommerce, WooCommerce Payments will use those currencies for the charge.

Pass on currency conversion fees ↑ Back to top

The Multi-currency for WooCommerce extension includes an option to Add a conversion fee (%) under its Price conversion settings.

When the customer currency of a transaction differs from the deposit currency, the foreign exchange rate provided by WooCommerce Payments includes a fee for currency conversion. Use this feature of the Multi-currency extension if you would like to pass on that fee to customers paying in additional currencies.

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