Min/Max Quantities

The Min/Max Quantities extension for WooCommerce allows you to define minimum and maximum allowable product quantities per product, order or variation. It also lets you define a group quantity if your product must be bought in groups of x.

Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the extension from your dashboard.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities from the Plugins menu within WordPress.

Order-level Rules ↑ Back to top

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > General to view the settings:

All settings are optional and should be numeric integer (whole number) values.

  1. Minimum Order Qty – Customer must purchase no less than this quantity of items to checkout.
  2. Maximum Order Qty – Customer must purchase no more than this quantity of items to checkout.
  3. Minimum Order Value – Customer’s cart contents must cost more than this amount.
  4. Maximum Order Value – Customer’s cart contents must cost less than this amount.
Products can be made exempt from these rules within their settings. See below.

Product-level Rules ↑ Back to top

Edit a product within your WordPress admin and look inside the product data panel. You will see the following:

Like the order settings, these are all optional. Numeric values should be whole numbers.

  1. Minimum quantity – Customer must purchase more than this amount.
  2. Maximum quantity – Customer must purchase less or equal to this amount.
  3. Group of… – Enter a quantity to only allow this product to be purchased in groups of X
  4. Order rules: Ignore – This product will completely ignore the minimum or maximum quantity/value rules.
  5. Order rules: Do not count – This product won’t count against minimum or maximum quantity/value rules when there are other items in the cart.
  6. Category rules: Exclude – Exclude from category group-of-quantity rules.

Note: By default, when setting up Min/Max rules for variable products, the Min/Max rules will apply to each variation. As of version 2.4.0, an additional option named Allow Combination will appear when editing a Variable product. With this option disabled, each variation will be counted separately when applying the Min/Max rules on the parent. With this option enabled, variations will be counted together when applying the Min/Max rules. As an example, if a Maximum quantity of 5 is set on the parent and the Allow Combination option is disabled, you can add up to 5 of each variation before running into the Max rule. If Allow Combination is enabled, adding 3 of one variation and 2 of another would hit the Max rule.

Variation-level Rules ↑ Back to top

Variations inherit the main product settings (above), however, you can also define them per variation. To enable the settings to appear per-variation, check the Min/Max box:

Category-level Rules ↑ Back to top

If you go to Products > Categories and edit a category, you can set the group of option:

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities - Group Of

This lets you set up rules, such as “Customers must buy products in X category in groups of X only.”

What the customer sees ↑ Back to top

The extension modifies the frontend in the following ways:

  • When adding items to the cart, an error is shown if they met the maximum limit, and the item is not added to the cart.
  • When using the quantity selectors on single product pages only, the quantity selector will increment (or decrement) in multiples as configured in the “Group of…” setting.
  • When viewing the cart, errors are shown if any rules are not met.

FAQ ↑ Back to top

Does Min/Max Quantities work with Composite Products? ↑ Back to top

Yes, but with limitations. Min/Max Quantities allows product-level “Min/Max Quantity” rules to be overridden by the Min/Max Quantity options defined at Component level, however, “Group of” rules defined at Product level cannot be overridden at Component level.

Can Min/Max Quantities be translated? ↑ Back to top

Yes, a POT file is included.

Can Min/Max Quantities settings be imported / exported? ↑ Back to top

Yes, it’s possible for settings at the product level, by using the built-in WooCommerce CSV Importer and Exporter.

The easiest approach is to configure the first product as per your required settings and create a CSV export. Note: to enable the export of the Min/Max Quantities field, Export Custom Meta? must be checked.

In a spreadsheet editor, copy the sample row you created above, and edit the values in the relevant columns as required for subsequent products.

Export as a CSV file before importing the CSV as per the Importer and Exporter instructions.

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