Managing Bookings

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To view bookings that have been created, go to Bookings in admin. At the top of this screen you can view the standard filter and search area. A list of bookings appears in order of date created:

Screenshot 2014-11-20 15.45.23

You can:

  • Filter by status using the status links at the top
  • Use bulk actions
    • Move to trash
    • Confirm bookings
    • Unconfirm bookings
    • Cancel bookings
    • Mark bookings as paid
    • Mark bookings as unpaid
  • Filter by date
  • Filter by the product/resource that has been booked
  • Search

At the far right of each booking are actions you can perform on the row:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 15.42.41

The two main actions are:

  1. Confirm booking – allowing you to confirm a pending booking and email the user
  2. View the booking details

Approving Bookings ↑ Back to top

To approve a booking that requires confirmation, go to Bookings > All Bookings screen. Any booked product requiring confirmation will display a Pending Confirmation status. Click the Confirm button to the right to approve the booked product.


Once approved, the user receives an invoice via email to pay. The customer can then pay by navigating to their My Account page. The link to their My Account Page is included in the email they receive.

Viewing bookings ↑ Back to top

If you click ‘view’ on a booking, you are taken to the Edit/View Booking page. This works similar to other admin pages such as Edit Order, except it is for booking data:

Bookings Edit Booking

These details can be edited, then saved when you are done. Be careful when changing start and end dates and times. Be sure that the start date is always more recent than the end date. Please note that the customer will not receive an automatic email with any changes.

Booking Status ↑ Back to top

  • Unpaid: Booking requires payment. Order hasn’t been paid.
  • Pending: Booking awaiting admin approval. See Approving Bookings.
  • Confirmed: Booking is confirmed after been set as Pending. Still requires payment.
  • Paid: Booking has been paid for.
  • Cancelled: Booking has been cancelled.
  • Complete: Booking is paid and the date is in the past. The assumption is that the experience / service was delivered successfully.
  • In Cart: Booking has been added to a customer’s cart. If not purchased, is deleted within 60 minutes.

Viewing bookings on a calendar ↑ Back to top

For a calendar view, go to Bookings > Calendar. By default, this shows a month-based view with filter options at the top:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.17.17

Click on a booking to view its details.

A ‘day view’ link at the top right can be used to view all bookings in a day:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.19.07

When using day view, click a booking to view/edit it, or hover to view a summary of details.

Creating Bookings Manually ↑ Back to top

If you want to manually create a booking for a customer, go to: Bookings > Create Booking.

You should see the following form:

Screenshot 2014-11-20 15.47.23

Choose a customer and a bookable product, and click next to continue to add booking details. There are Create Order options here, as well:

  1. If create order is enabled, a pending order is created as well as a booking. This is useful if you want to create a booking and have a customer pay before it is confirmed.
  2. If create order is disabled, only a booking is created in Pending status.
  3. You also have the option to assign the booking to an existing order with the order’s ID.

After clicking next, a booking form appears that is identical to those shown on the front-end:

Screenshot 2014-11-20 15.50.19

Fill out the form, and click Create Booking to save. You will be redirected to the new booking or order, depending on your choices.

Per Person Discount with Coupon ↑ Back to top

You can offer a coupon code to customers that gives a per person discount for bookings with multiple people.

Bookings - Coupon Type

Google Calendar Integration ↑ Back to top

By integrating WooCommerce Bookings with a Google Calendar, bookings made within WooCommerce are added to a public calendar on Google. For more information, see Google Calendar Integration.

Note: There is currently no support for 2-way synchronization, so any appointments added to your Google Calendar will not automatically show up on the calendar within WooCommerce Bookings. This is a feature our developers are reviewing, as it gains support on our Ideas Board.

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