jQuery.cookie.js/jQuery.cookie.min.js scripts fail to load

This issue is a hosting one. It comes from an outdated MOD_SECURITY core ruleset. More information at GitHub.

Option 1: Get your host to update the rule set ↑ Back to top

This is by far the best option as everything will then work as by design. Contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Option 2: Rename files and update functions.php

Alternatively, you’ll need to change how WooCommerce handles the files. This change will need to be repeated whenever you update the WooCommerce plugin as the changes will be overwritten.

Rename these files:




And add the following to your theme’s functions.php file:

Option 3: use a plugin to rename the files ↑ Back to top

If the first two options aren’t possible, then you will need to use this plugin, which renames the file being loaded: woocommerce-jquery-cookie-fix.zip

Note: Please remove any previous fixes you may have applied.

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