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Due to the nature of WordPress sites and the fact that they run in numerous hosting environments, there are sometimes issues in connecting the WooCommerce app to your store. Basically, the app asks the server that your WooCommerce site is running on to use the REST API to check that you have permission to access the store data. If the server says your credentials are good, the velvet rope is lifted and you get access to your store information.

Sometimes hosting servers don’t do this well, and unfortunately errors arise. It’s not possible for us to test the REST API in every hosting environment, but we are working very hard to fix these sorts of issues as we discover them.

Common errors ↑ Back to top

Here are common errors and their solutions:

Issue Solution
Error saying “No WooCommerce API found at this URL” Please check a few things:

  1. Are you running WooCommerce 3.0+ on your site with the REST API enabled?
    Check at WooCommerce > Settings > General. This is what connects your shop to the app. (Under requirements here.)
  2. Check Settings > Permalinks and ensure that you have pretty permalinks enabled.
  3. Ensure that your hosting provider or caching plugin excludes the API endpoint from caching (this is a particular problem with WP Super Cache so far). The API endpoint is this:
    See more detailed instructions below.
  4. Please ensure that your site is not in maintenance mode or hidden from users. If the site is not visible, the app can’t find it.
 Message saying “invalid key” when entering credentials For some servers, this error is returned because your key was not generated before authenticating with your shop. Please generate API keys, quit the app*, and retry.
“Consumer key / secret is invalid” We released a fix for this in v1.0.1 that provides a better fallback for servers that mishandle HTTP authentication. Please upgrade the app and re-enter your credentials.
Error when trying to setup site Please view the known conflicts below to see how to handle the error.

*You can quit by double-tapping the home button, scrolling to the app if needed, and swiping upwards over the app page to remove it from active apps.

If these solutions do not work or you continue to receive an error, please fill out a ticket and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

Known conflicts ↑ Back to top

Shopifiq Theme (incompatible) ↑ Back to top

The Shopifiq theme causes an “invalid signature” error when you try to connect to your store, which means that it breaks the REST API and can’t be used with the WooCommerce app.

Until it fixes the way it improperly filters the get_home_url() function, you won’t be able to use the app with your store. We recommend using a different, properly-coded WooCommerce theme, such as Storefront.

InfiniteWP (incompatible) ↑ Back to top

InfiniteWP: The InfiniteWP client plugin causes a conflict with the WooCommerce REST API by improperly reading php://input without setting the global. This means that you can’t update order statuses via the app (or anything else that uses the REST API).

WPML ↑ Back to top

WPML will unfortunately break the REST API calls needed for the app to function, if you’ve enabled the “Use directory for default language setting”. Please either change this setting or force WMPL to properly include the REST API endpoint.


When this setting is enabled, WPML breaks the REST API endpoint so that the API can’t be found on your site, regardless of whether you have it enabled or not. Until WPML properly accounts for this API (and the upcoming WordPress core API), you’ll need to fix this issue manually. You should use one of the following options:

  1. Disable this setting (or switch plugins)
  2. Use this code snippet on your site (in a custom plugin / child theme) to force WPML to properly include this endpoint:

iThemes Security ↑ Back to top

iThemes Security isn’t incompatible, but it does sometimes blindly apply rules that conflict with the WooCommerce REST API.

If your site meets all requirements and you still can’t connect your store, please check your iThemes Security settings.

Go to: Security > Settings > System Tweaks and disable “Filter suspicious query strings in the URL”:


WP Super Cache ↑ Back to top

With WP Super Cache (or other caching plugins), please ensure that API endpoints are not cached.

There are sometimes issues when using the WooCommerce API (which the iPhone app uses) if WP Super Cache is enabled on your site. You may be seeing an error message like “Cannot find API URL”. Here are some steps to take to fix this issue:

First, go to Settings > WP Super Cache in your WordPress admin. Click on the “Advanced” tab.

Scroll down to “Accepted filenames & Rejected URLs”. Add /wc-api/v2 to the text box:


Click “Save Strings” and you’re done.

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