Importing WooCommerce Dummy Data

Right after installing WooCommerce you may find you have an empty store. There are no products, orders, reviews, and more by default. We’ve done that so you can get started right away creating your own products and setting up WooCommerce exactly for the needs of your store.

But perhaps you’d like to see what sample orders and products look like. If so we’ve got some sample data just for you!

This sample data for WooCommerce is located in a file called dummy-data.xml, which is located in the WooCommerce plugin folder under woocommerce/dummy-data/. You can certainly re-download WooCommerce to your computer, or get the file from your server via SFTP, etc…, but the easiest might be to just right click and download it from here.

Note: Dummy data contains products with images that will work with any theme. However, it doesn’t contain the same photos as the Storefront demo, as the demo uses proprietary photography.

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No matter how you get the file, it’s now time to upload it! From the WordPress admin, go to: Tools > Import and select the WordPress option.

If you don’t have the WordPress importer installed, first install it by selecting Install Now.



Once it’s installed select Run Importer. Here select the Choose file button and then select the dummy-data.xml file you download earlier.

With that set select the Upload file and import button.

You’ll then have the option to import our default wooteam author, create a new user, or assign the posts to an existing user. This is your call to make, though we’d recommend assigning the posts to an existing user. After that be sure you check or uncheck the Download and import file attachments checkbox. This will import all the sample product images to your site if checked.


Click Submit and your dummy data will be imported. Congrats, you now have some sample data in WooCommerce to learn from!

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