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Importing WooCommerce Dummy Data

As of version 1.5.3, the plugin comes bundled with dummy data that can be imported to instantly give you a working store with products to test different WooCommerce features.

Locating the WooCommerce Dummy Data ↑ Back to Top

Dummy data for WooCommerce is located in a file called dummy-data.xml, which is located in the WooCommerce plugin directory. Once WooCommerce is installed, you can find it two ways:

  • Use your cPanel or FTP, go to ‘wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy-data’ and locate the dummy-data.xml file.
  • Unpack or unzip the WooCommerce .zip file

Installing the WooCommerce Dummy Data ↑ Back to Top

From the WordPress admin, go to: Tools > Import and select the WordPress link.

WordPress Importer Page

If you do not have the WordPress importer installed, you will be prompted to install the importer and then proceed. You have the choice of installing manually or clicking the Install Now button.

Select the Choose a file from your computer button and then the dummy-data.xml file you located above.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.51.02

Select the Upload file and import button.

You will be presented with a screen to import or select an author and various other options related to download and import file attachments.

Select who you want to make the author of the new products from the dropdown, such as your admin user, and Select the download and import file attachments checkbox. The latter will download all the images to your local server for use on the products.

Dummy Data Admin Screen

Click Submit and your dummy data will be installed. You now have a working copy of WooCommerce with data.

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