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WooCommerce Google Product Feed allows you to produce and submit a real-time feed of products and variations to Google Merchant Center allowing you to use up to date product information in your product ad campaigns.

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The articles below will help you get up and running with the extension, as well as provide information on customisations if you need something specific to your site:

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How do I send images to Google?

Links to your product images are automatically listed in the feed sent to Google. Nothing more is required.

Does Google Product Feed support product variations?

Yes, product variations are supported.

If you enable variation support, then each variation is sent as a specific item in your feed. Variations use values from attributes where they are set, and you can provide feed-specific data when editing a variation.

Is it possible to display all variations, without the variant information?

This is possible with use of a custom snippet which goes like this:

function lw_woocommerce_gpf_title( $title, $product_id ) {
return preg_replace('/\([^(]*\)$/', '', $title);
add_filter( 'woocommerce_gpf_title', 'lw_woocommerce_gpf_title', 10, 2 );

If for some reason, that doesn’t work, you could load up the product title based on the $product_id passed in and use that.

Please note that customisations such as this are provided as a goodwill gesture, and aren’t covered under our Support Policy.

Does this plugin allow for valid Google Product Listing Adverts (PLA) to be created?

Yes. It produces a feed to load the store’s products into Google Merchant Center so PLAs can be set up. It provides data entry for all required data, which can be set at store level, category level, or individual product where required; and supports Google’s current feed specification.

Can I use Product CSV Import Suite to import/export values to/from Google Product Feed?

There’s full support for WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite (separate purchase). The plugin also supports the new import/export tool in WooCommerce core version 3.1.

Does this extension work with Google Product Ratings feed?

No, this is a different Google feed.

Can I add products from WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Google do not allow the listing of recurring payment products in Google Merchant Centre, so there is no support for WooCommerce Subscriptions at this time.

Can I add products from WooCommerce Bookings?

Google do not allow the listing of event tickets, or services in Google Merchant Centre, so Google Product Feed is not currently compatible with WooCommerce Bookings as most use-cases would not be allowable. If you feel that your site would benefit from this, vote to add it on our Ideas Board: Doing this lets our developers know what solutions customers need, and then prioritize by demand.

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