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Our themes allow you to set a featured image in your posts. Featured images are dynamically re-sized to fit in your theme. The options for featured images can be found under Dynamic Images in your theme settings panel.


Dynamic Image Settings

Our themes use WordPress Post Thumbnails to dynamically re-size your featured image, previously we had included the option to use Timthumb, however, Timthumb has now been removed from our themes and WooFramework.

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To add a featured image using WP Post Thumbnails:

1. Go to the Featured Image panel in your post/page/product/etc… and click on Set featured image.

Featured Image

2. Upload or find an image in your Media Library and click Set featured image to use it.

Set Featured Image

If you can’t see the Featured Image panel, make sure you have enabled it in Dynamic Images settings. Also make sure it is enabled in Screen Options.

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Timthumb has been retired. Read more here -> http://woocommerce.com/2014/12/goodbye-timthumb-thanks-memories/

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There is an option under Dynamic Images labeled Automatic Image Thumbnail. This will automatically fetch the first image from inside your post and set it as your featured image.

Automatic Image Resizing

Automatic Post Thumbnail

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To adjust the dimensions of your featured images:

  1. Go to Dynamic Images settings panel.
  2. Set the alignment of the image; left, right or center.
  3. Set the width and height of your images in pixels.

Image Settings

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