Facebook for WooCommerce: “Sorry, this content is not available right now” on the setup window

The Facebook popup window displays “Sorry, this content is not available right now”! How can I re-configure the plugin? ↑ Back to top

When the plugin has been configured previously, it will save a merchant_settings_id in your WooCommerce database so that you can re-open the setup at any time to show your previously selected options. If you lose access to the account that configured the plugin, or Facebook invalidates the account or merchant settings configuration, this message will be displayed.

The quick workaround here is to reset the plugin back to a fresh install, removing the existing settings. You can do so by installing the following small plugin we’ve created. This will add a new tool available at WooCommerce > Status > Tools called “Reset Facebook for WooCommerce settings“. Please click the Reset Settings button here, and then navigate back to the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin settings screen to try connecting again!

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