Facebook for WooCommerce: Setup window titled “Facebook for Magento”

Why do I see “Facebook for Magento” on the setup window and the shop details are not being loaded correctly? ↑ Back to top

When opening the setup window, you may see the title “Facebook for Magento” or the shop details are not loaded correctly, with “undefined products” synced, or I see a blank page.

We’ve seen quite a few merchants encounter this issue and in almost all cases this was due to an issue with the browser. Most merchants were running the latest Firefox release with the Facebook Container plugin.

We would recommend temporarily running the setup wizard from a separate browser, or private/incognito browser window to avoid ad-blockers that may prevent the Facebook scripts from loading correctly. Trying a different browser can also be a useful test to see if the issue persists, for instance, using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or Safari instead of Firefox on a Mac.

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