Coupon Referral Program

Version: 1.5.0

Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce is an extension that is mainly to install a referral program on your site and share discount coupons as a reward.
The referral user will earn a discount coupon when they sign-up on your store and the users will earn a discount coupon when the referred users place an order.


Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the .zip file of Coupon Referral Program from your WooCommerce Account.
  2. Goto the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.

Configuration ↑ Back to top

To configure the plugin, click on WooCommerce > Settings from the left-hand menu, then the top tab “Referrals”. You will see subsections there as General Referrals, Social Sharing, Signup Discount, Coupon Configuration, Display Configuration, Reports, Points & Rewards.

General Referrals Description ↑ Back to top


  • Enable/Disable Plugin: This checkbox must be enabled for using the features of this Coupon Referral Program extension.
  • Referral Key Length: Enter the length of the Referral Key.
  • Required no of Orders: Enter the number of orders till you want to reward the discount to the referee.
  • Pop-up-Image: From here you can change the default image with any other image of your choice.
  • Set Days to Remember Referrals: Enter the number of days after which the system will not remember the referred user.
  • Referral Discount Amount Type: Choose the “Type of Referral Discount Amount” you want to provide the referrer. If you select “Percentage” then the referral discount amount will be calculated from the total purchase amount of the referred friend otherwise “Fixed” coupon amount is calculated and sent to the referrer.
  • Note: If you select “Percentage” then the total purchase amount of referred friend matters! As the referrer will earn some percentage share of the total purchase amount of the referred friend.
    • Condition 1:
      Suppose you have selected “Percentage” and the “Referral Discount” value is 20. Now if the referred friend makes a purchase of $200 then the Referral Amount will be calculated as 40(200*20%) up to “Referral Discount Amount Upto” value.
    • Condition 2:
      If you select “Fixed” and the “Referral Discount” value is 20. Then it doesn’t matter what is the total purchase amount of the referred friend. The referrer will earn only $20.
  • Referral Discount Amount Upto: Set the max percentage value of the discount coupon you want to reward the referrer. The referrer will earn percentage share from the total purchase amount of the referred friend.
    • Case 1:
      Suppose the referred friend makes a purchase of $300. The value you have entered in the “Referral Discount Amount Upto” field is $50 and the “Referral Discount” value is 10. The 10% share of $300 will be $30. So, in this case, the referrer will earn a discount coupon of $30 which is less than “Referral Discount Amount Upto” value.
    • Case 2:
      Again suppose one of the referred friends has made a purchase of $1000. The value in the “Referral Discount Amount Upto” field is $50 and the “Referral Discount value” is 10. The 10% share of $1000 will be $100 which exceeds the value of “Referral Discount Amount Upto”. In this case, the referrer will earn $50. He will not earn any extra value even if the referred friend makes a purchase of a higher amount.
  • Note: If you don’t want to use “Referral discount amount upto” functionality then set “Referral discount amount upto ” to 0.
  • Referral Discount: Enter the referral coupon discount value you want to provide the referrer of the link.

Social Sharing ↑ Back to top


  • Enable/Disable Social Sharing: Use this when you want to enable social media sharing for your Referral Link only.
  • Facebook: Enable for Facebook.
  • Twitter: Enable for Twitter.
  • Email: Enable for Email.

Sign Up Discount ↑ Back to top


sign up refferal discount

Enable Signup Discount Setting For Referred

  • Enable Discount on Signup: After enabling this feature you can give the Discount Coupon on Signup.
  • Select Users:  Here you can select users if you want to provide discount coupons to all users or only to the referred users on the signup.
  • Enter Coupon Discount: Enter amount of your choice ( whether in Fixed or Percent Discount ).

Enable Signup Discount Setting For Referrer

  • Enable/Disable Discount For Referrers: Enable the checkbox if you want to provide signup discount coupons to your referrals when their referred friends signup on your store.
  • Enter Discount For Referrer: Enter the discount amount you want to provide your referrers.

Coupon Configuration ↑ Back to top


  • Referral Purchase Coupon Type: Set Referral Coupon discount type either Fixed or Percentage.
  • Signup Coupon Type: Set Signup Coupon discount type either Fixed or Percentage.
  • Referral Coupon Type- Select the signup coupon type (fixed/percentage) your referrals will receive when their referred friends signup on your store.
  • Individual Use: Check this if you want to allow your coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  • Free Shipping: Coupons can grant free shipping.
  • Coupon Length: Set the length of your Coupon.
  • Coupon Expire After Days: Set the expiration time period for the Coupons.
  • No of time Coupon can be used: How many times this coupon can be used before it becomes void.
  • Add prefix on coupon: Set the prefix code for your Coupons.

Display Configuration ↑ Back to top


  • Enable/Disable Popup Button:  Use this when you want to enable the popup button.
  • Enable/Disable Animation: From here you can enable the Animation on your button whenever your page will get reloads.
  • Button Text: From here you can change the text of the button by default is “Referral Program”.
  • Button Color: You can also change the button color.
  • Custom CSS: Here you can write custom CSS for the button.
  • Select Position: Select whether you want to display the button left, right, top, bottom or shortcode.
    (i) If you use the shortcode [crp_popup_button] then the button will work only on the selected page where you use this shortcode.
    (ii) If you use shortcode than “Select Page” setting will not work and you don’t change the position of the button.
  • Select Page: Select the page where you want to display the referral button by default display on all pages.
  • Use this shortcode for the referral link: Use this shortcode for displaying referral link whenever you want.

Coupon Report ↑ Back to top

This section helps to admin and customers to view the coupons detail easily, Here they can see the complete report of coupon like Number of Coupons, Coupons Created Date, Expiry Date of coupons, Event, Number of Referred Users.

Admin’s Coupon Dashboard:

By clicking on the Report section, the admin to easily view the status of the coupon like User name, User Email, referred User, Total Number of Utilization, Number of Coupons.


To view the complete report of coupon click on the “View details” here the admin can see the fine report of coupon like Coupon Created Date, Expiry Date, Event, Referred Users.


Customer’s Coupon Dashboard:

Customers can see their coupons details from My Account > Referral Coupons section.


Here the customer can see the total Utilization of coupons, Total Referred Users, Total Coupons, Coupon Created Date, Coupon Expiry Date, Event, Referred Users in a single dashboard.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Points & Rewards ↑ Back to top


From now onwards we are providing compatibility with WooCommerce Points & Rewards, to reward your customers with the points on referral signup and referral purchase.

  • Enable/Disable: Enable this setting to earn points instead of coupon on the referral signup and purchase.
  • Enter bonus points for the referral signup: Enter a valid number to set the reward point for the referral signup.
  • Enter points for referral Purchase: Enter a number as points to reward your customers on the referral purchase.
  • Enter Signup Points For Referrer: Enter the points you want to provide to your referrers when their referred friends signup on your store using the referral link.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription ↑ Back to top

Now Coupon Referral Program plugin compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin, through this compatibility you can manage the subscription products with the coupons in your WooCommerce store.


To enable the usage of coupons for subscribes on the recurring payment, firstly you need to enable the setting and then select an apply coupon setting that allows you to redeem the selected coupon or all coupons for the next subscription renewal. 

  • Enable/Disable:  Click on the checkbox to enable to apply the coupon for subscribes on their next recurring payment.
  • Apply Coupons:   Here we are providing two different methods to apply the coupon to the renewal of recurring payment.
    • All Coupon: This setting automatically applies all the coupons on the renewal of subscription products.
    • Single Coupon: This setting allows your customer to apply the selected coupon for the renewal of the subscription product.

To start the subscription on their store, firstly you need to create a subscription product.


After successfully purchase of the subscription product, your customers can apply the coupons on the renewal order under subscription.

On click on the ‘Apply Coupon’ button, your customer will be able to apply the coupons for the recurring payment. 


The popup window of available coupons will be displayed when admin allows single usage of the coupon for the recurring payments otherwise all the coupons apply automatically.


This popup window allows the customer to select the number of coupons that they want to apply on their recurring payment.

How to Plugin Work ↑ Back to top

Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce creates a referral program on your site. Rewarding the referrer and referred customers as the discount coupon, they can use this coupon to get the discount on purchasing on the site. 

Coupon Referral Program plugin provide discount coupon codes on two conditions

  1. Signup Coupons
  2. Referral Purchase

Signup Coupons: When a new/referred customer gets signup on the site then Customer will get Signup discount coupon.

Referral Coupons: After sharing the link when the referred user get registered using and place the order. Whenever this order status marked as the completed referee will referral discount coupon. 

For example, Customer A shares the referral link with customer B. Whenever customer B will get registered via referral link Customer B will get the signup discount coupon code. After the registration whenever customer B place an order and that order status marked as completed the Customer A will get referral discount coupon.

Whenever customer will receive the discount coupon code, It will get listed in their dashboard as well as they will also receive an email. In that email, coupon details will be mentioned.

Customers can use coupon code while placing the order and get the discount in the order.

How to use ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program extension lets your customer knows that some kind of Referral Program is running on your site, It has very well defined steps how to increase your customer base, Customer will share his/her Referral Link by any means like via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Manually too. Any Referred User will get register himself and place the order then Referee will get a Discount Coupon.

Once you click on “Referral Program” button, you’ll see a screen similar as below:


If you Login then this screen will get changed similarly as below:


Share your Referral Link from My Account page:


FAQs ↑ Back to top

Ques: Till how many numbers of orders placement will be giving our customer the “Discount Coupon”?

Ans: You can easily set this by visiting “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > General Referrals > Required no of Orders”.

Ques: Can my users share his/her Referral Link to Facebook?

Ans: Yes, of course, Please go to the “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > Social Sharing > Enable Settings.

Ques: Can the Referred User will get something just on Registration/Sign Up?

Ans: Yes, If the setting has been enabled “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > Sign Up Discount > Enable Settings ” then your all customers would be rewarded with the discount coupon.

Ques: I use the Referral Link and register one new customer with that but still the Referee is not rewarded with any of the discount Coupon, Am I missing something?

Ans: Please make sure the newly registered user must have placed the order too, only then Referee will get the discount coupon.

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