This document lists some of the most popular free mini-extensions for Composite Products. Similar to the snippets found in the Tips, Tricks and Snippets document, these mini-extensions customize different aspects of the appearance or functionality of Composite Products – however, due to their size or complexity they are only available in plugin form.

To install any of the listed mini-extensions:

  • Download the mini-extension.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of WooCommerce and WooCommerce Composite Products installed.
  • Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
  • Click Upload Plugin at the top.
  • Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1.
  • Click Install Now and Activate the mini-extension.
Important: The mini-extensions listed here are completely free to download and use. However, they are provided “as is”, with absolutely no guarantees. They are provided for reference only, and are not covered under our support policy.

WooCommerce – Stacked Product Layout ↑ Back to top

Download this mini-extension.

By default, most WooCommerce themes place single-product summaries right next to the main product image / thumbnails section, which is ideal for displaying product descriptions, prices and meta. Add-to-cart form content is normally displayed inside the single-product summary, too, which works well when displaying Simple or Variable product forms.

However, this layout is not always suitable for complex product types, such as Composite Products, which usually add more content above the add-to-cart button. Some themes allow you to modify the layout of individual product pages to allocate more viewport width to Composite Products. For example, if you are using Storefront, the Storefront Powerpack plugin is a valuable addition that includes options for:

  • allocating more width to product form content, or
  • stacking product form content below the main product image and gallery.

If you are having issues with very narrow or squeezed composite product form contents and your theme does not include any helpful layout options, you can use the WooCommerce Stacked Product Layout plugin to move the add-to-cart form under the product image and summary section, leaving the full page width available for the form content of your Bundles.

The plugin adds a Force Stacked Layout option under the WooCommerce Settings > Products > Display section, where you can select which product types should utilize the full-width, stacked layout.

WooCommerce – Subscribe All the Things ↑ Back to top

Download this mini-extension.

Subscribe All The Things is a free mini-extension for WooCommerce Subscriptions that allows you to add subscription options to non-subscription product types, such as Simple and Variable products. Additionally, the plugin can be used to:

  • Add subscription options to Composite Products, Product Bundles and Mix and Match Products.
  • Offer options for subscribing to an entire cart before checkout.
  • Switch any product from a one-time purchase to a subscription, even after is has been added to the cart.

Subscribe All The Things is developed and maintained as a collaboration between Prospress and SomewhereWarm.

Want to learn more? Check out the excellent post about Subscribe All the Things on SellWithWP.

Important: Subscribe All The Things requires WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.1+.

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