Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons

Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons is a tool for driving incremental and impulse purchases once customers are in the shopping cart. It extends the concept of upsells and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase spending.

Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Activate the extension.

More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

To set up your upsells:

  1. Go toWooCommerce > Cart Add-Ons.
  2. Enter a Display title. Give the section a name.
  3. Enter Maximum products to show – Tell the widget the maximum number of upsell products to show in the shopping cart.
  4. Select Default Add-Ons – Products shown to customers in the cart, if more detailed (Category or Product specific) recommendations are undefined. Leave blank if you don’t want default products shown.
  5. Select Category Matches – Click + Add Category to define upsells for that category. Use as few or as many as you wish. Use priority to order recommended products when the shopper’s cart has multiple matches.
  6. Select Product Matches – Click + Add Product to define upsells for that product. Use as few or as many as you wish. Use priority to order recommended products when the shopper’s cart has multiple matches.
  7. Save changes.

Add-ons aren’t added to the cart by default. You must add them to page, to theme, or use a widget. More information in the Usage section.

Usage ↑ Back to top

There are three ways to use add-ons you set up.

  • Use one of the Widgets by going to Appearance > Widgets in your admin area.
  • Use shortcodes on any page or post – including the shopping cart page:
    [display-addons length=5 mode=loop] – Will use your theme’s template
    [display-addons length=4 mode=images_name] – Shows the product image along with the product name
    [display-addons length=8 mode=images_name_price] – Will display product images with name and price
    [display-addons add_to_cart=1] – Will display products with an “AJAX” add-to-cart button
  • Use directly in your theme:
    $num = the maximum number of add-ons to display
    $display can be one of the following:

    • ‘loop’
    • ‘images’
    • ‘images_name’
    • ‘images_name_price’
    • ‘names’
    • ‘names_price’

Frequently Asked Questions ↑ Back to top

What is recommended first – Product matches, Category matches or the Default? ↑ Back to top

Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons first looks for matches at the product level. If a product in the shopping cart matches a product defined in the admin, those recommendations are shown to the shopper. If no products match, then Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons then looks for a match for a category and displays recommendations as defined in the admin. If no product or category matches exist, then Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons displays default recommendations for your store.

What products are shown when multiple products are in the shopping cart? ↑ Back to top

When multiple products are in the shopper’s cart, Cart Up-Sells and Add-Ons looks at priorities defined above – Product, Category, Default. If it finds that there are multiple product or category matches, the selected products or matches are shown according to priority set in the admin for Product or Category Matches.

Questions and Feedback ↑ Back to top

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