Use Case: Create Complex Products

Product Bundles allows you to create complex products consisting of multiple parts that need to be stock-managed individually.

This guide shows you how to create the Complete Skateboard bundle – a complex product that is built by assembling together:

  • A Deck
  • A pair of Trucks
  • A kit of 4 Wheels
  • A kit of Bearings
  • A Hardware kit

The skateboard is built to order using inventory from the items on this list. Each item is also assumed to be available for purchase individually. If any of these parts is out of stock, the Complete Skateboard cannot be purchased.

The Complete Skateboard bundle.
The Complete Skateboard bundle.

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To configure the Complete Skateboard bundle:

  1. Create a Bundle

    • Go to WooCommerce > Products and click Add Product.
    • Enter a Title, Description and Short Description.
    • Locate the Product Data panel and select the Product bundle type.

  2. Add Bundled Products

    • Go to the Bundled Products tab in the menu on the left.
    • Assuming that you have already added a few skateboard Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings and Hardware products to your shop catalog, use the search field to find a Deck.
    • Click Add Product to add it to the bundle and repeat the process for the remaining skateboard parts.

    Note that every time you click the Add Product button, a set of options associated with the added part becomes available in the Bundled Products panel.

  3. Configure Pricing Options

    To assign a static price to the Complete Skateboard bundle:

    • Go to the General tab in the menu on the left.
    • Enter a Regular Price and (optionally) a Sale Price.

    Complete Skateboard configuration: 1/3.
    Configuring the Complete Skateboard bundle: General tab.

  4. Configure Shipping Options

    The assembled skateboard is assembled and shipped as one physical item:

    • Ensure that the Virtual option is disabled.
    • Go to the Shipping tab in the left menu.
    • Enter a Weight and Dimensions, and/or assign a Shipping Class to the bundle to define its shipping/physical properties.
    • Go to the Bundled Products tab in the left menu.
    • Open/expand all bundled products and ensure that Shipped Individually is disabled.

  5. Configure Bundled Product Options

    To make the skateboard appear as a simple product on all WooCommerce pages seen by customers, go to the Advanced Settings tab of every bundled item, locate the Visibility options group and untick all boxes.

    Turning off the Visibility of a bundled product only hides it in WooCommerce shop pages and WooCommerce e-mails. The bundled product will still be displayed in payment gateway receipts and notifications.
    Bundled Products tab: Basic Settings.
    Bundled Products tab: Advanced Settings.

Result ↑ Back to top

The Complete Skateboard bundle.
The Complete Skateboard in the cart.

Adding Up-Sells ↑ Back to top

Product Bundles gives you the power to offer up-sells by adding optional items to a base configuration. For example, a Grip Tape up-sell can be added to the Complete Skateboard by following these steps:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Products.
  2. Locate the Complete Skateboard bundle and click to Edit it.
  3. Locate the Product Data panel and go to the Bundled Products tab in the left menu.
  4. Check the Optional and Priced Individually boxes.
  5. Optionally, enter a Discount to make the up-sell more appealing.
  6. Update the product.
Adding a Grip Tape up-sell to our Complete Skateboard.
Adding a Grip Tape up-sell to our Complete Skateboard.

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