Extensions Compatibility

Important: For a trouble-free integration of Product Bundles with supported extensions, please ensure that you have updated WooCommerce and all extensions to their latest versions.

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Extension Compatibility Notes
WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities
WooCommerce Print Invoices and Packing Lists
WooCommerce Cost of Goods
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos
WooCommerce Composite Products * * Product Bundles can be added to Components along with Simple and Variable products. The use of Product Bundles in Composite Products makes it possible to select and sell multiple products under a single Component. For details, please refer to this guide.
WooCommerce Product Add-Ons * * Bundled products that include Add-ons will work as expected. Additionally, Add-ons may be defined at Bundle level. Note that there is no option for conditionally excluding Add-ons when a product is part of a Bundle.
WooCommerce Subscriptions * * Product Bundles may contain any combination of physical/virtual/downloadable products and simple/variable subscriptions.

To attach subscription options to Bundles that contain physical/virtual/downloadable products, use the WooCommerce Subscribe All the Things mini-extension. For details, please refer to the Mini-Extensions section of the documentation.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards * * The total value of a Bundle in points is based on the total price of all bundled products and the global price-points conversion rate.
WooCommerce Name Your Price * * Simple products saved as “Name-Your-Price” products work as expected in Bundles, and Bundles can be saved as “Name-Your-Price” products, as well. However:

  • Variable “Name-Your-Price” products will not work as expected in Bundles, if Priced Individually is ticked.
  • Simple and Variable Subscriptions saved as “Name-Your-Price” products will not work as expected in Bundles if Priced Individually is ticked.
WooCommerce Pre-Orders ** ** Pre-ordering functionality can be enabled at Bundle level in the same way it works for any other product. However, Bundles that contain pre-ordered items will not work correctly, due to limitations of the WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension.
WooCommerce Deposits
WooCommerce Force Sells
WooCommerce Gravity Forms Add-Ons
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

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