Authorize.Net Extension Comparison

Authorize.Net offers different ways to use their service, and WooCommerce supports all of them. We’ve compiled this comparison guide to help decide which Authorize.Net option suits your needs.

If you aren’t sure which Authorize.Net account is right for you, please contact Authorize.Net so they can advise on the best solution. The most important decision on our part can be broken down like this:

  • If you are using WooCommerce Subscriptions, you want CIM as it’s the only option that allows for recurring subscription billing.
  • If you want to keep customers on your site to enter their card details, you can use the AIM or CIM option. Both require an SSL certificate when used.
  • If you want to use a hosted payment page on your site, you can use the DPM or SIM (Accept Hosted) options to direct customers to a secure payment page (iFrame on your site) after the Checkout page.
  • If you want to direct customers offsite to complete payment, then redirect them back after payment, the SIM (Legacy) option is right for you, as it provides a secure offsite payment method.

Both SIM and DPM provide PCI-compliant payment processing methods without additional steps needed. Our AIM and CIM plugins require merchants to use Accept.js to meet lower levels of compliance.

The AIM version also supports Authorize.Net emulation for payment processors that enable this, such as eProcessing Network.

WooCommerce supports using any Authorize.Net extension in the following regions: US and Canada.

SIM (Accept Hosted)
SSL Certificate Required? Yes Yes Recommended No Yes
PCI compliance level SAQ A-EP* SAQ A-EP* SAQ A SAQ A SAQ A
Allows customers to save cards to their account? No Yes No No No
Supports eChecks? Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Keep customers on your site? Yes Yes Yes** No Yes**
Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions? No Yes No No No
Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders? No Yes No No No
Compatible with WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Authorize.Net emulators? Yes No No No No

*To achieve this level of PCI compliance, you must enable Accept.js support for AIM or CIM.

** The Credit Card information is added on your website for payment in a secure iframe. Customers are taken to a “pay page” on your site after checkout, which embeds the payment form, to submit payment. Payment details are securely posted to Authorize.Net servers without passing through your own server, so the DPM and SIM (Accept Hosted) methods act like an on-site payment gateway but with fewer security concerns.

Looking for reporting for your Authorize.Net transactions? Check out the WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting extension.
Note: Authorize.Net charges their own monthly and transactional fees, so please contact Authorize.Net for more information on the total cost associated with your Authorize.Net account.

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