Automatic inventory clearance sale with WooCommerce Assistant

This is the second post in the series of tutorial articles explaining how to use the WooCommerce Assistant extension.

Please go through “Automate introductory offers management with WooCommerce Assistant” before continuing with this one.

The Product ↑ Back to top

We will continue using the same “Sunglasses” product that you’ve set up in the first tutorial:

WooCommerce product on sale

Because you’ve configured the “Introductory Offers” workflow, the sale ended automatically after the first ten orders. Clients are now buying the sunglasses at the regular price.

Now you want to give Assistant a new challenge. When you have your entire stock almost sold, you’d like to get rid of the few remaining items quickly.

Let’s set up the Low Stock Clearance workflow… ↑ Back to top

Go to (Admin) -> WooCommerce -> Assistant and click the Low Stock Clearance workflow:

This workflow has two settings: the Threshold and the Discount percent:

Threshold ↑ Back to top

Here you put the number of items in stock that you consider to be low enough to start the automatic clear-out.

Discount percent ↑ Back to top

70% off is a popular option for clearance sale these days…

Tip: you can add multiple Rules and set up different discounts for different product categories.

Category filters ↑ Back to top

In the first “How-to” article, we applied the Rule to only one product. It is possible, however, to apply to a category or to several categories:

Notifications ↑ Back to top

When the stock becomes low, the workflow’s rule is triggered. You can let it send a notification email to Administrators and/or Shop managers:


Save! ↑ Back to top

“Published” means that the Workflow is active. “Draft” – inactive. When you finish the changes, click the “Update” button at the top:

That’s all! No hard work required.

Notes ↑ Back to top

  • This workflow’s rules are triggered by completed orders. If the “threshold” order is “Pending Payment”, nothing happens yet.
  • The sale starts immediately. The person who just bought the product at full price may come back and see the price dropped.

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